About UViaLite


Product Listing

UviaLite is patented in the United States (Pat. #10,369,245) and is listed with the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) by Testing Engineers International (TEI Listing #20A01).  By adhering to TEI’s testing requirements, UviaLite is proven acceptable for use in recreational vehicles.

The future of fresh air


The POWER of light

Ever notice how the sun makes your clothes smell remarkably fresh? The patented UViaLite Air Purification System harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to clean and purify the air in waste holding tanks just like the sun freshens the air we breathe.


Give 'em what they are looking for

As an RV or boat manufacturer, you have probably noticed that today's buyers are green-minded and more sophisticated than past generations. Now you can offer—a cleaner, greener chemical-free solution for cleaning the air in waste holding tanks. 

A boy and his dog wear clothes pins so that they don't smell stinky waste holding tank odors.

Every trip is an adventure

Whether by land or by water, every trip is an adventure. But your excursions don't have to be spoiled by foul smelling air. The maintenance-free UViaLite System will keep your holding tanks fresh and clean smelling for the duration of your trips. 

Watch Video

Check out this short explainer video about the UViaLite Air Purification System.