How it works

How UViaLite Can Change Your Business

This diagram illustrates how the UViaLite system uses ultraviolet light to produce activated oxygen

You are in the business of selling a lifestyle. The lifestyle will be the pathway for your customers to experience new adventures with family and friends. Set yourself apart by treating the cause, not the symptoms. When your customers use chemicals to treat black and gray water tanks, they are masking odors with fragrances and doing nothing to kill the germs and bacteria which cause the odors and can make them sick. Utilizing ultra violet technology, UVia Lite is a completely green method of eliminating odors and killing bacteria coming from waste holding tanks. Your customers will see open roads and smell fresh air for years to come.

Partnering with UViaLite


As an RV and boat manufacture, you have many partnerships with different suppliers. By partnering with UVia you will be injecting new technology into an age-old problem of neutralizing odors and germs from waste holding tanks.

By partnering with UViaLite, our team will truly help set you apart in the world of RV and boat manufacturers. With our air purification system on board your customers will no longer have to use ineffective chemicals to clean holding tanks. UViaLite provides the same sterilization process currently used in hospitals, water treatment facilities and farming. Thus, allowing them to have a safer and more carefree experience.

With all the standard features available on a typical RV, wouldn’t customers choose the company who allows them to breath clean fresh air.

About Us


UViaLite was born from the belief there had to be a safer and more effective way to clean waste holding tanks on RV’s without utilizing chemicals. Committed to the concept of developing a safer, greener system of removing harmful toxins within the holding tanks; the team went to work. A year and a half later we are proud to bring UViaLite Air Purification System to the RV market. Utilizing ultraviolet technology we have accomplished our original mission and can provide RV owners a safer solution to clean waste holding tanks.